Wonderful to Work With for our Pet Hospital

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For the past handful of months we’ve had Sign Programmers design a couple of LED ads for us each month.

Best Friends Animal Hospital_09 2020_Pet Insurance A_32x120I’m so impressed by how responsive that their team is! Angel has done amazing work and gets files to me so quickly.

There have been times that I haven’t remembered to submit her ideas for the monthly designs, and SHE REMINDS ME! How many companies these days are proactive when it comes to having them do more work??? The files that she’s sent look professional and always represent whatever idea I’ve asked her to convey.

Our LED sign has looked more professional & much more engaging over the months we’ve had them helping us. Thank you!

Did research on my business sign for inspiration.

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Thank you, SIGNPROgrammers.

At first, I was not sure if my ideas were possible, but signprogrammers did an excellent job without any editing needed!

Check out our Desert Inn vacancy slide. Very quick turn around on slides.

Our Business has improved despite Covid-19. I am looking forward to doing some more slides with them.

I was especially impressed with how they did research on my hotel and made a custom slide.

Thank you Signprogrammers!!!

Creative and improved on my sign ideas content

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American Homeland_07 2020_Hero_88x160

American Cedar_Love Lewes_copyright signprogrammers inc 2020

A+ for the great sign content!

Sign Programmer’s creative team is top notch.

I send in my ideas and the team at SignProgrammers quickly send back a draft in record time!

American Homeland_07 2020_Hero_88x160

The artists there are really creative and put my vision on the sign in ways I couldn’t – but they get my vision and work with my goals.

Thank you again! The tire animation for our digital sign looks great!

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Thank you again Deb.

Fairmount 2020 goodyear tire video 80x128R

Goodyear video

The tire graphic for our digital sign looks great.

I’ve updated the sign and sent it to our freight dept for shipment to the show.

Roger, Project Management

Fairmont Sign Company        

We are Sold!

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Marijuana Dispensary graphics

We are sold are your LED content GREATNESS!!! 😀

marijuana dispensary sign animations

Marijuana Dispensary Sign content