Creative and improved on my sign ideas content

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American Homeland_07 2020_Hero_88x160

American Cedar_Love Lewes_copyright signprogrammers inc 2020

A+ for the great sign content!

Sign Programmer’s creative team is top notch.

I send in my ideas and the team at SignProgrammers quickly send back a draft in record time!

American Homeland_07 2020_Hero_88x160

The artists there are really creative and put my vision on the sign in ways I couldn’t – but they get my vision and work with my goals.

Thank you again! The tire animation for our digital sign looks great!

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Thank you again Deb.

Fairmount 2020 goodyear tire video 80x128R

Goodyear video

The tire graphic for our digital sign looks great.

I’ve updated the sign and sent it to our freight dept for shipment to the show.

Roger, Project Management

Fairmont Sign Company        

That wedding file was great! American Legion signs

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That wedding file was great! Waiting for the bride to see it now.

We also would like to have a file saying something like, Looking for a place to host an event? Book with us!

Loving the sign! The town is really noticing our events now!

Queen of Hearts animation

American Legion Queen of Hearts animation for digital led sign

Paris Legion_Membership_NV_128x224       Paris Legion Wedding ANNIVERSARY_128x224R1       Paris Legion_Grimes Wedding_KA_128x224R2


Sales increased 18%

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“…..Signprogrammers programmed  $5 Fill-Up slides to match KFC Marketing for our Electro-Matic EMC and sales increased 18%”

KFC static Christmas ad

Increase sales with great graphics.

Thank you for everything you have done!!

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Thank you, SIGNPROgrammers. You’ve enabled me to maximize my investment in my LED board. Your designs and animations are second to none. Everything from your prices to rapid turnaround on orders, put you in a league of your own. SignPROgrammers, you’re a class act. Thank you for everything you have done!!