Sign Programmers

Sign Programmers

Animators, Graphic Artists, Billboard Management, Copywriters, Marketers, Sign Software Techs.
Typical Sign Ninjas.

001: Deb Tracy is the owner of our small but mighty business.

deb tracyCreating content and programming led signs since 1999 with my start at Watchfire Signs where my passion for digital marketing took off.

Prior to that I was a copywriter and layout for various small newspapers and created ads and marketing material for several non-profit organizations in Illinois.

One thing I strive to perfect is making your life easier as a business owner. WE GET IT! You are busy with a life outside of work and you do not need another job. That is why you have us! We have you covered whether you need content, tech support, save and troubleshooting, software issues, or eye-catching plasma screens for your business.

This blog will be informative, educational, fun, and probably a little edgy at times. I like to speak as it is and sugar coating I don’t do well. Your time is valuable as is ours. I want to help you get the most from your digital sign as I have seen so many people spend a lot on their sign and never get any return. That is very upsetting. This  sign is your most important marketing tool. It is my job to get it producing.

I am the person behind the phone calls and emails. This is my journey that I get to share with you, so stay tuned.