Giving Your Electronic Sign the Programming and Marketing It Deserves

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For your electronic sign to be an asset rather than a liability, it must have money-generating factors. Otherwise, outdoor LED sign advertising will feel like a wasted expense that is costing you more money, and time.

Your LED digital sign and billboard should end up paying for itself and not you paying for nothing.


What Makes an Effective Electronic Sign?


Non-Generic Content

Generic ads and canned holiday graphics are the worst form of advertising. People have seen them countless times before, or it doesn’t grab their attention well enough. This can leave them needing more and completely ignoring the message you want to convey.


Unique and Outstanding

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition when your ads look the same as everyone else’s? For any marketing material to make a buzz and get noticed, it must be unique and different.

It should be relevant and attention-grabbing as well.


Easily Programmable

For an electronic sign to pay for itself, it must be kept fresh, updated, and diverse. This means outdoor LED sign advertising needs to be programmed at certain schedules. You should be able to do this quickly and easily.


Better yet, let SIGNPROgrammers do the programming on your behalf. We guarantee signs made with the right font and color combinations and with a custom image that sends the right message for your brand in the best way possible.


How Fonts and Colors Are Expertly Manipulated for Your Marketing Purposes


Did you know that the font and color you choose for your custom LED signs can have an impact on your marketing purposes and ROI?

Take it from Apple, they use different fonts and colors to achieve their goals.

On their website, for example, iPad Air 2 is written in lightweight Myriad while the rest of the text is in Sans. The color combination is predominantly white, with the call to action in blue and the header in gray. All these work together to create well-organized custom LED signs.

This underlines the importance of gaining a better understanding of how color and fonts work on human psychology. When you do, it will be easier for you to choose the best options for your brand.


How Humans Associate Certain Colors in Brands

Blue: competence, trust, corporate, high quality, stability

Black: classiness, sophistication, mystery

Brown: ruggedness, nature

Green: nature, growth, freshness, fertility

Red: lust, excitement, love, passion, warmth

Pink: sophistication, sincerity

Purple: power, authority, elegance, royalty

White: happiness, sincerity, purity

Yellow: competence, happiness, joy, intellect, energy

When you combine colors, you will be able to create different perceptions that you want your target market to perceive.

In choosing colors to use, think of a palette rather than a single shade.

There should be a dominant or driver color and the rest as the shades that will keep the driver colors grounded on custom LED signs. McDonalds, for example, is a combination of red and yellow, with red as the dominant. Pepsi, on the other hand, has blue as a driver color.


How Humans Associate Popular Fonts in Brands

Century Gothic: Chic

Calibri: Clean

Baskerville Old Face: Reliable

Times New Roman: Tradition

Georgia Italic: Comfort

Helvetica Bold: Stability

Myriad Italic: Modern

Apart from choosing the fonts to use, you also need to decide between serif and sans serif. The former often conveys professionalism and experience and is used by traditional brands, while the latter is often viewed as more modern and appeals to younger and hipper brands.

Different fonts should be used for different tasks as well.

Although consistency is important in your marketing materials, it is best to divide and conquer when using fonts. What you use on your logo is not necessarily what you should use for your body copy or headlines.

Just make sure that the fonts support and enhance each other rather than compete on custom LED signs.


How to Combine Fonts and Colors

Once you’ve picked a font and color, you need to blend them together into your marketing media.


To ensure maximum effect, the combination should:


Be Readable

Whether written big or small, your logo or brand should be readable. This is why the simplest fonts usually work the best in terms of branding.


Work on Media with Different Sizes

Whether used on a website, letterhead, business card, or billboard, your brand or logo should remain clear and displayed properly. It should not be blurred and condensed when used on a business card or stretched out when used on a billboard.


Be Consistent

The brand colors and fonts you use must be consistent in all your marketing media. Even if color consistency can differ between digital and print materials, make an effort to be consistent.


A Look into Our LED Digital Sign and Billboard Programming Service


Using a LED digital sign and billboard is one of the best ways to increase sales substantially. Even in an area crowded with retail businesses, you can stand out the right way with beautiful LED signs.

But your custom digital sign is only as good as the message you convey with it, which means programming the right content to reach the right audience.

To ensure marketing success through this medium, your LED must run content that is:


Of High Quality

This means the message you program into your LED digital sign must impact your bottom line. Utilize its full potential and earn more in the process. So make sure that the signage content is professional-looking and nothing like typical canned holiday art.



Your message should reach out to a wide range of audiences within your target market. This requires customer intelligence and getting to know your target audience at a certain level. The more that your LED digital sign creates a targeted impression the higher your chances of getting leads and converting them into sales.


Played at the Right Time

In business, timing is everything and the same is true with an LED digital sign and billboard. It is important that you determine:

  • How long an ad should play
  • The best time of day to play it
  • How many times of the day to play an ad

The best sign software will have advanced scheduling features so you can ensure perfect timing for when your ads on LED run. This is also one way to ensure that your ads don’t become boring and old.


Programming a New LED Sign

What you do will depend on the type of LED digital sign that you have, whether it is a hi-definition, plasma, or LCD Indoor Screen. LED signs usually come with software that you can use to program your message in.


Hi-Def Color or Grayscale LED Signs

Use a Windows PC that can connect via wireless broadband, wireless radio, fiber optic cable, phone modem, or other connecting device that an LED company provides.

  • Program in your content from your computer.
  • Schedule and update the messages displayed according to your preference.

When programming an LED digital sign and billboard, it is up to you to take the DIY route or leave the professionals to it.


If what you have is a full-featured, high-quality LED sign, then you should allow a provider to program in the text and images on your digital sign. They, more than anyone else, know how to create an ad that looks professional and high quality.


With this in mind, contact SIGNPROgrammers for a programmable LED sign that is cost-effective and appealing to your target market.


LED Sign Software Programming Blog


A digital sign is only as good as the content that you program the led sign software for.  In fact, the content is the reason for purchasing a sign. Why skimp after all that money was spent on a valuable, teh most valuable marketing tool you have. One Hundred percent advertising in front of your business. No social media can get that attention to your business. If you have questions about programming, call or contact us and we can help you in various ways, from training to online classes and just giving you a tip on the phone.

In order to realize the marketing success that you expect from your sign there are many things that you will need to address such as:

QUALITY: How much different is a professional looking ad vs. a DIY ad?

Does it matter if my ad is ok?  Are you just having fun playing with sign or are you serious about utilizing it to its potential?

While a cute graphic saying “drive safe” seems nice and community friendly- it may have just cost you a lot of money to  it have it not produce results.

Everything your company does is toward your  bottom line.  It seems not utilizing your expensive investment in a digital electronic led sign makes it a very expensive toy.

I get it, you don’t want to pay anymore.  The sign was an expensive decision. But not utilizing the potential of the sign, your digital sign it becomes more expensive  by using it as a time/temp display or a board with typical canned holiday art.  Factor in the amount of time used to put the empty resulted graphic on the sign  –  not free after all.

Questions to ask about your digital sign:

DIVERSITY:  How long can I play an ad before people stop looking at it?

TIMING:  How many seconds should my ad play?  What is the best time of day? Do you have several schedule entries for the time of day? Morning, Afternoon, Evening? Most sign software comes with advanced scheduling features. You need to learn the best way to use it so the sign software can put messages on and off so sign does not get boring or dated items come off as soon as they expire. Use your sign software to get maximum results.

Is your sign software hard to program? We can train you. Or you can sign up for our online classes and get our Sign Tips delivered to give you little tips on using your led sign software.

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