One of the most popular advertising tools for business is the electronic message center, or EMC, due to its wide variety of features. It includes user-friendly programming, clear resolution, remote access, and 3D animation and graphic capabilities, among others.


You might be interested in an EMC because of its marketing power. With it, you can bring in a “wow factor”, because it is so easy-to-use, cost-effective, and provides an immediate solution. Moreover, it reduces the overall advertising budget, while building awareness for your brand, expanding your coverage, and increasing foot traffic and impulse purchases.


In other words, EMCs allow you to adjust the messaging in accordance to your liking. Thus, you can make them become a more flexible form of advertising in the market for the benefit of the following:


  • Churches
  • Entertainment locations
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Schools


For Business Locations


Electronic message centers come in various resolutions in order to suite your message, location, and budget. In fact, EMCs can be fused into new or existing signage.


Simple Solution and Customizable


It is not advisable to let your customers navigate through a complicated message system. Thus, it should come with EMCs that have intuitive and user-friendly software that will accept multiple file formats, can handle texts, images, video streaming, and comes with an animation library.


Take note that EMCs or LED displays are devices that convey computerized programmable electronic visual communication. This is specifically intended for the outdoor environment. Such are capable of displaying and storing of multiple messages in a variety of formats and different intervals.


Moreover, it would allow you to modify your messages more often but without the cost of replacing broken or missing letters. It doesn’t even require physical labor in order to change copy. In addition, it allows you to communicate in a more effective manner with the typical person passing by the sign in order to match the time of day by modifying the message and graphics that would match the street profile.


Advantages of EMCs


  • Unlimited message variations and different controls would result in lower cost of labor and elimination of physical liabilities
  • It allows greater flexibility in public communication
  • Aside from advertising specials, it can also display public service info or other items that the people would want to have
  • It brands your business site in your locale quickly and easily
  • EMC effectiveness is not only measured by surface area or space constraints
  • It acts as your street salesman, gaining attraction from new customers to your business location
  • It also allows you to market your services and products unto your immediate trade area, as it prevents wasteful advertising expenses
  • Software would enable business owners to display sophisticated images or logos on the EMC as planned.
  • The message can be changed by business owners in order to offer information to specific retail customers, as well as developing political, social or community events.


Overall, you should know that choosing the appropriate LED display is essential in boosting its potential. So take time to ensure that the following terms are met.


  • Determine if it is an indoor or outdoor application
  • Find out what type of message content is required
  • Understanding communication methods
  • Determine what type of viewing audience you are going to target.


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There is no denying that when you make a choice to buy LED sign graphics, it means that you are investing in a dynamic messenger. It is a great choice because suitable and eye-catching messages get people’s attention.


Attractive LED signs serve as a 24-hour salesperson that sell your message and get people interested in what you are saying. This means that its essence of being a round-the-clock module requires modifying your messages efficiently so that you will gain profit out of it.


However, the attraction of outdoor LED sign advertising might not work if you lack the right content. You need to make content that will capture the hearts of your target market.


Here are things that you will find useful when creating content with LED sign graphics.


Begin With A Goal


Before you can accomplish anything with your LED sign, you need to have a direction and a goal to streamline all your efforts. It would help if you wrote down your expectations and the things that you wanted to achieve within a matter of weeks, months, or years.


Know Your Audience


Writing down the age and gender of your target audience is essential, so that you’ll be able to curtail the message that appeals most to them. Taking down notes regarding their lifestyle, cultural activities, religious practices, and other factors is also important in order to get a better picture of who they are.


Determine Your Strengths


Find out things you possess that other people don’t have. Well, it is a matter of what you can do for your customers in order for them to stay. You can highlight such things within your content. If you are going to have LED sign graphics, make sure that you promise only what you can fulfill. Just let people know what you do best.

Find Your Voice


You should know that your voice must be related with the image that your customers need to see. In other words, the graphics you are using for your digital display should match with that of your brand image.


Feedback Is Key


In order to make certain of your campaign’s effectiveness, you should find a way to measure it after launching your LED sign graphics. This way, you can ask your most loyal customers regarding their opinion of your latest marketing campaign. You may also consider asking your stakeholders or staff regarding their feedback. If possible, you must adjust when the need arises.


Take note that your LED sign graphics display is many times the first thing to greet your customers. So it is important that the frequency of messages is properly set in order to promote events and specials more effectively. This can be done by making certain that your potential customers will see your messages a number of different times. If possible, you can drive by the location of your LED sign at specific times of day or night. This way, you can be sure that the right signs are displaying at the right times. Or if you need your display times reset.


SIGNPROgrammers offers its customers the best in LED sign content and Sign Programming, nationwide and to the following counties and cities: Attica, Champaign, Cissna Park, Covington, Danville, Giffor, Hoopeston, Indianapolis, Loda, Paxton, Rossville, Rantoul, St. Joseph, and Tilton


Utilizing video marketing, in general, is nothing new. But with the changes in the way people consume videos online, its popularity has grown significantly.


Studies show that 75 million people watch online videos every day. And that is in the United States alone.


Click-through rate of emails with “video” in their subject line has also increased by 13%. This shows that integrating videos has resurrected email marketing in a big way. A company struggling with direct marketing through emails could rely on videos to boost their reach and consumer response.


It is important to remember, however, that not all videos will serve the best purposes of video marketing. According to statistics, the videos that get the most engagement are only about 2 minutes long.


Clearly, short-form video marketing is the way to go in the upcoming New Year.


If you can further shorten the videos to 6 seconds, your video ads will have a bigger and better consumer engagement.


Why Short Form Video Marketing Is the Next Best Thing



Different channels have different rules and requirements in terms of content that will be posted. Social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat, for example, only accept shorter videos. Facebook, on the other hand, has a limited video file size.


This means keeping your marketing videos short or in a 6-second format will enable you to use it across different platforms. The more channels you use the more people you reach.


This proves advantageous from a marketing standpoint, especially when your target audience is diverse and is present on different platforms.


Uploadable Almost Anywhere

Short videos can be posted cross-platforms, including those that allow for longer video content. It is up to you to extend your video marketing ad. But even if you choose not to, you will be able to use it for marketing purposes.


Suffice to say that the restrictions you encounter with short-form videos are much fewer than the long-form ones. Uploading is also much faster with a lower demand for bandwidth.


Better for Shorter Attention Spans

It is a fact that the human attention span is getting shorter. It is in fact becoming much shorter thanks in part to an always-connected world with social media and hyperlinks. Studies show that attention span is now closer to 8 seconds.


Some experts, however, say that attention span varies depending on the task at hand. A person is likely to spend more time on something they are interested in doing or reading and less on those that are not.


Whatever is the case, short-form video marketing will work on an audience with varying attention spans.


Appeal to Younger Audiences

Is your target market in the younger spectrum? Do you want your brand to appeal to a diverse range of people? If so, you need to craft your video marketing strategy such that it will be memorable and impactful to your target market. This means videos in bite-size content.


Longer Brand Story

Do you think only long-form ads can better tell your brand story? What if you segment it into shorter videos that will come together as long-form content?


Break down a 2-minute video into 6-second formats, show one every day, and your consumers will have multiple engagement points. You have to admit this strategy will keep your target market coming back for more to watch the full series, and again, you’re able to upload those videos to multiple outlets. Contact SIGNPROgrammers today for more information on your LED Sign Graphics.



It’s a given that custom LED signs are more attractive than a static billboard sign at getting attention from potential customers. Its flexibility and durability make it even more practical for businesses in making their marketing strategies effective.


Some business owners take it upon themselves to change the content of their custom LED signs from their computer, but how often should you do so? Well, the simple answer would be as often as you need to. But why might you want to change your custom LED signs often?


Promoting an Event or Unique Special Offer

People these days get more excited with new things so you have to be unpredictable with your LED sign content. Steer clear from the boring and usual routine such as banks offering free checking, car dealers selling used cars and hotels promoting clean rooms.


Don’t just blend in and use the clip art that came with your sign and don’t use canned holiday graphics. Everyone is doing that and you’re just wasting precious advertising.


Promoting a Sale

Go down the street on Memorial Day and all signs have the exact same holiday message. Again, that’s wasted opportunity to tell traffic why they need you.


Let’s face it, not one person will buy from you for wishing them a Happy Holiday. Instead, incorporate your message with a holiday theme or a special event that’s being celebrated.


Custom LED Signs from SIGNPROgrammers

Don’t use flash or scroll LED sign graphics as they’re annoying and hard to read. These practices give signs a bad name. Leave out cheesy graphics! Instead, give them the thrill of the unexpected and pretty soon everybody will be looking out for your next LED sign animations!



Contact us today for free information on the 10 Common Mistakes made with custom LED signs.



Despite the major shift in online digital marketing, signs and billboards still remain a vital piece in a business’ overall marketing campaign. This is especially true for companies whose target audience isn’t solely online. Certain traditional media are more useful now than ever, and are also evolving with the use of LED sign animations.


Outdoor signage, in particular, has the power to bring in new customers.


Statistics show that 59% of new clients find a business through on premise signs. And businesses without one lose potential clients, because 35% of passersby won’t know them without outdoor LED sign advertising.


Studies also show that adding or changing a sign has a direct impact on sales revenue, especially in the fast food and retail industries.


Fast Food

  • 15.6% increase when a large pole sign was added
  • 9.3% increase when one monument sign was added



  • 8.9% increase when two new directional signs were added
  • 8.6% increase when a large pole sign was added
  • 7.7% increase when a chain identity was added to a plaza sign identity
  • 7.7% increase when a storefront wall sign was replaced with a larger sign.


Clearly, programmable custom led signs remain a vital tool in a business’ overall marketing campaign.


How effective it is, however, will depend on how it is created. Done right, you can increase new business potential by 50 to 60 times per month since that’s the number of times people potentially see your sign.


How to Make Effective LED Sign Animations


Keep it simple yet informative.


There are countless ways you can go about programming an LED sign, but a key focus is simple and informative.


Consider how much time a person has to read a sign when driving to school or work. They’re likely to spare a few seconds or so before driving past and away from it. This is why custom LED signs must be short but informative.


The text must be arranged and designed according to importance as well.


When creating a sign for an event, for example, there should be the main title, followed by information with secondary importance, low importance, and low priority. Use different fonts for different lines.


Deconstructing LED Sign Animations


Main Title:

  • Best describes the event
  • Should be written in Bold and Upper Case
  • Must use a color more noticeable than the rest


Secondary Importance Information:

  • Written bold but not upper case
  • Font size is smaller in size than the main title


Low Priority Information:

  • Written similarly to the secondary importance information
  • Font size is smaller than that of the secondary importance information
  • Often used to display a website address/URL

Note: No need to include ‘www’ when adding the website URL.


Low Importance Information:

  • Written with the smallest font among all the text
  • Observe proper capitalization


Remember not to get carried away with colors and risk ending up with a busy sign that is too hard to read. This defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve.


There are plenty of other factors you must consider when creating LED sign animations, such as the image and graphics to use, but it all comes down to readability. The signs you use must be easy to read up close or from a distance. Contact SIGNProgrammers today for more information!